A collective center for immigration studies on the welfare cost of  immigration

Immigration studies and welfare cost

It is quite often assumed that illegal and legal immigration are good for the economy and that welfare and social costs are a small price to pay for cheap labor. In reality, the fiscal cost that taxpayers pay for the benefits of illegal immigrants is significant.

For example, in Pennsylvania, taxpayers payed a $45.3 million tab for emergency health care for illegal aliens. Texas spent $677 million. Border hospitals were burdened $189.6 million in uncompensated emergency medical costs for illegal immigrants during 2000 alone. Two-thirds of births in Los Angeles county hospitals are to illegal aliens.

Harvard Economics Professor George Borjas has observed that "the welfare problem in California is on the verge of becoming an immigrant problem." This is bourne out by studies collected on this website, which serves as a clearing house - a center for immigration studies and reports on immigration and welfare cost.

Nearly twice the number of immigrants and children born in the United States are on Medicare or are uninsured, compared to U.S. citizens. The cost of treating uninsured illegal immigrants in hospitals and clinics is $4.3 billion a year.

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