Cases of child abuse range from one side

For many years, children were not listened to and were believed to be telling fanciful tales no matter how grim they were. However, when the crimes of sexual and physical abuse became apparent with family and friends or friends of the family, governmental interference with these criminal actions became part of everyday laws. The evidence of these actions was all the proof needed for those in power to change how things were run.

Since the laws changed, agencies for the welfare and well-being of the young were created. Though each one does not necessarily work with another, they are available for assistance and counseling for children and those seeking children. This ranges from safe housing, health and dental insurance, food assistance and many other various programs. Some agencies were created to help place children into a home when their parents have died or are no longer capable of caring for them. Some agencies are initiated to stop child abuse from occurring or continuing inside a household. With these issues and programs, some myths have been started about child abuse that are perpetuated.

Some Child Abuse Myths Explained

Various stories have been passed down from parents to children or amongst children or parents that may be used to scare or warn others of what may happen if certain circumstances were occurring. Many of these stories are used to scare those that are abusing children into giving themselves up or, in some instances, into becoming more secretive of their actions. One myth that is used to protect the young is that only bad or immoral persons abuse their own children. Child abuse is said to only happen in bad families. Many pass around the story that most of all offenders are strangers to the family or child.

The facts support that not all abusers actually harm their own children or any children at all. In some instances, these individuals harm their spouses, co-workers and even strangers. Other persons that abuse people are often the victims of this very same abuse. Research and law enforcement shows that abuse may occur in any family no matter if they are considered good or bad. The crime of child abuse has been seen in all backgrounds of race, financial stability and culture. Many of these families look normal and standard to others, but the story inside the house is often different entirely. Any person that abuses another is usually someone the child knows. He or she may be part of the family, a friend of the family or a good friend of the youth. These abusers may even be someone of authority such as a teacher, coach, psychologist or others of similar careers.