The loss of certain rights

Sometimes, an individual who is released from jail must complete a period of probation in order to complete his or her sentence. Cherry Hill criminal lawyers report that probation violations can result in heavy fines, extended probation, or time in jail.

During probation, the individual is held to a specific set of rules. The rules imposed on the individual are determined by the nature of his or her offense. For example, an individual convicted of a drug crime in New Jersey may be required to complete a urine test each week while he or she is on probation, which can be for a few years.

Examples of Probation Violations
When an individual is on probation, he or she is assigned a probation officer. The individual must meet the officer on a consistent, court-determined basis. The individual may also be required to appear in court or complete a rehabilitation or education program. Failure to comply with one or more of these requirements is known as a probation violation. Examples of probation violations include:

Failing to meet with a probation officer
Failing to appear in court
Being arrested for a new offense
Failing to attend a required rehabilitation program
Leaving the state or spending time with certain individuals without a probation officer’s permission.
What Happens if I Violate the Terms of My Probation?
The penalties you may face for a probation violation depend on the number of previous convictions on your record, the nature of your violation and previous conviction, and the presence of any circumstances that the court deems to be relevant to your case.

For a minor infraction, you will likely receive a warning from your probation officer. For a more serious offense, you may be asked to appear in court and be sentenced to a new or extended penalty. You might have to serve a brief amount of time in jail or you could be required to complete your sentence in jail. You could also be required to complete community service hours or be required to complete a rehabilitation program. Your lawyer can help you prepare for this hearing and develop a legal strategy to help you avoid jail and other severe penalties.

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