Types of Legal Videos

If your law firm is ready to venture into the sometimes-frustrating realm of online marketing, you have a lot to consider. Although your options for digital marketing are vast, video production is becoming the most popular and highly utilized method. Making a legal video for your law firm is the best way to help your firm stand out and attract new clients.

When making a legal video you need to consider a variety of factors like budgeting for production, finding a production team that suits the needs of your legal video, and determining what type of legal video to produce.

You can produce various types of legal videos which range in content and production. However, the following are generally considered the most successful types of videos for law firm use.

1. Legal brand video

Having a brand overview video that serves as a visual introduction for your law firm will do wonders for your marketing efforts. In a brand overview video, you can truly encapsulate the essence of your law firm and its services. First impressions are pivotal; a potentially interested client’s first impression of your law firm needs to be outstanding.

When creating a brand video about your law firm, you should always consider crafting a storyboard. Here are some helpful questions to ask as you work your way through the storyboard process:

• How do you want to market your firm?
• What demographic does your law firm target?
• What optimal services does your firm offer that the competition lacks?

These questions should help you work the following essential elements into your legal brand video:

• Services your law firm offers
• Personal anecdotes from previous clients
• Your unique value proposition

Finally, be sure to include a brief history of your firm and encourage interested clients to contact you.

If you do not establish a brand overview for your firm, your practice is likely to be lost in a crowd of competitors who are also using rich media to attract attention.

Keen in mind that it’s easy to make mistakes when producing these types of videos, so be sure to have a clear idea that is manageable for your production team.

2. FAQ/educational videos

Having a series of FAQ-style videos can set you apart as a thought leader in your market, providing valuable insights and information to prospective clients.

Successful FAQ videos:

• Answer relevant questions, usually based on search data (keyword research) or past FAQs that prospective clients will find valuable
• Are short, offer direct value, and are not sales pitches
• Provide information about specific services your firm offers